Royal Caribbean: Cut ties with cruel global trade in monkeys for experimentation

On November 14, a Wamos Air plane carrying 720 monkeys packed into small wooden crates departed Cambodia on a nightmare 30+ hours journey to the USA. Tragically, several of the monkeys died en route. The surviving monkeys will be sold to a laboratory where they will suffer and die in experiments.

Wamos Air is a subsidiary of Miami-based Royal Caribbean Group, the world’s second-largest cruise line company.

You Can Help
Please contact Wamos Air and Royal Caribbean and urge them to refuse to transport monkeys destined for research, and to instead join the long list of airlines that refuse to be a part of the cruel global trade in monkeys for research.

Enrique Saiz, CEO
Wamos Air

Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO
Royal Caribbean Group

Sample text:

“Wamos Air, owned in part by Royal Caribbean, should not be involved in transporting monkeys destined for the research industry. Nearly every major airline in the world has made the decision to no longer be involved in the cruelty and suffering of the international trade in monkeys by refusing to transport monkeys to laboratories. Please make a similar commitment.”

Please share with ARFF any responses that you receive.