South Florida Fair: Stop cruel and exploitive animal acts

The South Florida Fair has announced that it will hold a scaled-back event in January 2021. Unfortunately, the fair will feature a depressing sea lion act and a “racing” pig show.

Pigs are intelligent, sensitive animals. Pigs used in racing pig shows often endure mishandling and are stressed by constant travel, noise from fairground crowds, and blaring music.

Sea Lion Splash is a frequent performer at county fairs in Florida. Serious problems have plagued the company in recent years. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has found numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including sea lions confined in a pool that did not meet minimum size requirements, inadequately trained employees, and sea lions suffering from painful eye conditions.

You Can Help
Please contact the South Florida Fair and let them know there’s no fun in seeing animal abuse and that you won’t go to the fair because it is upsetting. Contact:

South Florida Fair Board of Directors
Vicki Chouris, President & CEO
Dennis Grady, Chair
Robert Weisman, Vice Chair
Rebecca Isiminger, Secretary
Paul Grose, Treasurer

Phone: (561) 793-0333

Post a comment on the fair’s Facebook page:

A quick phone call or email is all that is needed, such as:

“I was disappointed to learn that the 2021 South Florida Fair will feature a traveling sea lion show and racing pigs. The USDA has found serious problems with animal care at Sea Lion Splash, including failure to provide veterinary care to sea lions suffering from painful eye conditions. Please reconsider including Sea Lion Splash, racing pigs or other cruel and exploitive animal acts in the fair.”