Each year, ARFF’s humane education program reaches thousands of youth and adults in schools, universities, camps and throughout the community with a message of compassion toward animals and the planet.

Free Humane Education presentations

ARFF’s Humane Education Department teaches people the value of kindness toward animals and the importance of protecting their habitats. Our interactive presentations can be geared for any age group and are designed to empower youth and adults to make conscious and compassionate choices, encouraging a sense of personal responsibility toward animals and the planet. We offer the following presentations on:

  • Plant-Based Nutrition: highlights the benefits of a plant-based diet for our health, the environment, and the welfare of animals. The presentation looks at the health and environmental consequences of raising animals for food and how eating lower on the food chain can promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Our interactive presentation is designed to be educational, rather than persuasive, promoting critical thinking and empowering youth through empathy and compassion. The presentation supports Florida Academic Standards for Science, Social Studies, Food and Consumer Science, Health and Physical Education, Language/Arts and Advanced Academics/Gifted.
  • Wildlife Conservation: looks at the relationship between humans and animals and the environments we share. The presentation uses a variety of activities to get students to think critically about animals living in captivity and how we can better protect wild animals and their natural habitats.
  • Companion Animals: looks at the responsibilities of caring for a cat or dog. The presentation focuses on a variety of issues including the cat and dog overpopulation problem, the importance of adoption, spay and neuter, and positive-reinforcement training.
  • Animals In Our Backyard: explores the relationship between humans and the animals that live in our backyard. The presentation is a hands-on look at the animals that make our environment healthy and the ways in which we can protect them.


ARFF’s Vegan Starter Kit. Full of information and resources about going vegan. Includes tips on grocery shopping, and how to easily make everday meals vegan. Learn about plant protein sources, and the dairy myth. And much more!

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Wildlife Conservation


ARFF’s brochure: Wildlife Conservation: A Critical Look at Animals in Captivity. Learn about circuses, marine parks, and zoos.

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We would love to have the opportunity to present to your students or community group. If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation, please contact James at james@arff.org.

About the presenter:
James Wildman has been the Humane Educator for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida since 2007. Each year, he gives around 500 presentations, reaching over 10,000 students and adults in South Florida, including presentations at the University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, and over 70% of the high schools in Miami Dade and Broward counties. These presentations have reached over a hundred thousand people, empowering youth and adults to live a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle. His 101 Reasons to Go Vegan presentation has been translated into 18 languages and has over 4 MILLION views total on YouTube, and a 10 minute version of the presentation has generated over 40 MILLION views on Facebook. In 2017, James was featured in the documentary Food ReLOVution. James has worked with youth for over 20 years, and in 2006, he obtained a master’s degree in Humane Education.

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Promoting respect and compassion for animals in Florida has been the mission of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida since 1989.

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