In late February, three managers at a dairy farm in northern Florida (Jackson County) were arrested after an inspector from the Florida Department of Agriculture found unsanitary conditions and 90 cows suffering from neglect. The inspector reported bluntly, “these animals were not being fed.”

Joe D. Clark, Richard K. Clark and Nikki Slininger, managers at Wild Rose Dairy, were charged with felony animal cruelty and unlawful disposal of animal carcasses (two dead cows were also found on the property).

Wild Rose Dairy

Wild Rose Dairy in Graceville, Florida

ARFF is encouraged that felony charges have been filed in this case. Too often, “farm animals” are not provided the protection they deserve in the courts.

Please contact the State Attorney for Jackson County and urge him to take this case seriously, and if the three individuals are found guilty, to press for the maximum penalty.


Glenn Hess, State Attorney
14th Judicial Circuit of Florida
P.O. Box 956
Marianna, FL 32447
Phone: (850) 482-9555
Fax: (850) 482-1383

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