On June 28, U.S. Representative Vern Buchanan (representing Florida’s 16th Congressional District) introduced a resolution condemning the killing of sharks for their fins. The resolution states: “the United States should ban and prevent the import of shark fins from sharks caught through the practice of finning.” Thanks Vern!

Florida U.S. Representatives C.W. Bill Young, Frederica Wilson, Patrick Murphy, Alcee Hastings and Ander Crenshaw are among those who quickly signed on as cosponsors of the resolution.

Tens of millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins, an ingredient in shark fin soup. “Finning,” removing a shark’s fins and dumping the injured fish back into the ocean, is banned in U.S. (and Florida) waters. But fins from sharks outside U.S. territorial waters continue to be imported into the country. A federal ban on shark fin products would help to eliminate the cruel trade around the world.