Shrine Circus

The Shriners do not operate their own traveling circus. Instead, local Shrine temples hire existing circuses or put together a collection of acts to perform. In Florida, Circus Hollywood commonly performs under the “Shrine Circus” name.

Circus Hollywood
Florida-based Circus Hollywood frequently performs as a “Shrine Circus.” In recent years, the show has included high-wire acts, clowns and acrobats. Unfortunately, Circus Hollywood also featured elephants and an exotic animal petting zoo.

Don’t the Shriners help children?
Shriners International is a legally and financially separate organization from the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Circus patrons are misled into believing that proceeds from the circus benefit the hospitals. If you look closely, the small print on circus advertisements and tickets make it clear that proceeds help to maintain Shrine temples’ building, pay staff salaries and fund parties and other activities, and do not benefit the hospitals. (The best way to help the Shriners Hospitals for Children is to make a donation directly to the hospital.)

You Can Help

Sign our petition! “Shriners International: Stop hosting cruel circuses

The following Shrine temples in Florida have sponsored animal circuses. Please contact the Potentate, or chief executive, and urge him to replace circuses with non-animal fundraisers, such as golf tournaments, car shows, festivals, or an animal-free circus.

Amara Shrine (Palm Beach Gardens)
Chris Brett, Potentate
Phone: (561) 627-2100

Araba Shriners (Fort Myers)
Richard Nelson, Potentate
Phone: (239) 334-2226

Bahia Shriners (Orlando)
Jon Thomas Gumina, Potentate
Phone: (407) 660-8811

Egypt Shriners (Tampa)
Dwight Brown, Potentate
Phone: (813) 884-8381

Morocco Shrine (Jacksonville)
Donnie Boree, Potentate
Phone: (904) 642-5200

Sahib Shriners (Sarasota)
Connie Jacobi, Potentate
Phone: (941) 366-4449

Shaddai Shriners (Panama City)
Ron Chaple, Potentate
Phone: (850) 769-8303

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
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Promoting respect and compassion for animals in Florida has been the mission of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida since 1989.

The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.